Today, we are excited to announce the release of Ionic 7! This stable release of Ionic comes after several betas and release candidates with improvements suggested by the Ionic community. Thanks to all of your contributions and the hard work of our team, we’re thrilled to officially bring Ionic 7 to market.

What’s new in Ionic 7?

Ionic 7 brings developer experience improvements when working with overlays, forms, and events! It also brings performance improvements for Angular, React, and Vue applications. Changes include:

  • Inline Overlays – Declarative overlays are now available on all overlay components, including action sheets, alerts, loaders, pickers, and toasts. You can now use every single Ionic overlay component without relying on controllers.
  • Consistent Event Emissions – In the past, ionChange would unexpectedly fire due to value prop changes. Instead, we’ve changed the behavior to better align with native input elements, and ionChange will only fire as a result of user interaction.
  • Simplified Form Control Syntax – Improved compatibility with assistive technologies and less code boilerplate
  • Performance Improvements – Tab switches are up to 70% faster than they were in v6 with Ionic React and Ionic Vue. Thanks to optimizations in Stencil, Ionic components initialize quicker than they did in v6 with Ionic Angular.
  • Improved Vite Compatibility – We’ve removed the CommonJS entry points for Ionic React and Ionic Vue which makes Ionic easier to use with Vite and Vitest.
  • IonSlides – This has been removed in favor of using Swiper.js directly
  • IonVirtualScroll – This was an Angular-only solution, and we’ve decided to remove it in order to use a solution provided by more JS Frameworks.

Read more about the Ionic 7 changes

Updated Documentation

The Ionic Docs have been updated with the latest usage examples:

We have also added a new “Upgrade Guides” section in the sidebar for developers updating from older versions of Ionic.

Starter Applications Tooling

With the release of the new Ionic CLI v7, all new Ionic React and Ionic Vue starter applications will use Vite. This tooling replaces the Vue CLI and Create React App tools used in previous starter applications. Since this change only impacts new Ionic apps created with Ionic CLI v7, developers can continue to use the Vue CLI and Create React App tools in their existing Ionic apps.

Be on the lookout for a blog post with more information about Ionic CLI v7 soon!

Getting Started

Developers can follow the Ionic 7 Migration Guide to update their existing Ionic 6 apps.

Looking to start with a brand new Ionic 7 app? Try our app creation wizard!

Please report any issues you encounter on our GitHub repo.

Thank you to everyone who tested or provided feedback during the Ionic 7 beta process. Thanks to you, we have a great product that’s sure to make development easier than ever. Stay tuned, as we have many more great improvements planned for Ionic in 2023!

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