Technology continues to transform the way humans get work done. From highly technical careers to more manual ones, tech has revolutionized and extended human capabilities more than ever thought possible. While much of the conversation around augmenting the workforce centers around AI, there’s another angle that companies can take to equip their frontline employees with the information needed to do their jobs better than ever – superapps. 

Superapps provide an alternative path to achieve an augmented connected workforce. Rather than equipping employees with a multitude of traditional applications that lead to frustration, miscommunication, and wasted time, arming them with a single connected superapp specific to their exact needs leads to more productive, happier employees. 

What is an augmented connected workforce?

The entire concept of an augmented connected workforce is centered around empowering employees to improve productivity and enhance overall business performance through technology. 

This can be anything from surgeons using advanced laser technology to perform procedures to developers using AI to create the next great digital product. It can also be as simple as equipping employees with the technology they need, when they need it, and superapps do just that. 

What is a superapp?

A superapp is an all-in-one ecosystem that brings together various services into a single mobile application. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for typically disparate digital experiences. 

Using a micro frontends architecture, superapps have a native shell that encompasses various mini apps. Each mini app can provide distinct functionality, from an HR portal to time tracking to product inventory to delivery routing and more. Meanwhile, the core application houses essential functionality, such as an internal messaging system and authentication/authorization, which is maintained throughout everyone’s experiences. 

How can a superapp empower the workforce?

It’s estimated that 69% of workers spend around an hour per day just navigating between various workplace apps. That means over a month of productivity is lost each year simply to wasted time. With poorly integrated experiences (literally) costing employers thousands, creating a streamlined superapp has the immediate benefit of time (and thus productivity) savings. 

Superapps can also be key in enabling superior remote collaboration. Our devices connect us like never before, and having a single place to connect with fellow employees, customers, and even managers can streamline everything from customer service to processing payroll. Imagine being able to field customer questions, check your company’s internal knowledge base, fact-check with a subject matter expert, and fix the customer’s issue all from one place. That’s the power of a connected workforce, and that’s the power of a superapp. 

Training, education, and onboarding can also become a much smoother, more efficient process through the use of a workplace superapp. A company’s HR department can provide employees with relevant training courses, collect necessary documents, and facilitate the onboarding process all in one place. 

One Ionic customer, a major retailer in the health and beauty space, was able to create a superapp that revolutionized their employee experience and point of sale operations. Their superapp enabled inventory checks, stock recording, and timekeeping on the back end, so that employees could spend more time with customers during the day. This meant an overall better customer experience, as employees were able to spend less time navigating various apps to get client questions answered, and more time actually helping them.

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If you’re considering creating a superapp, we recommend checking out our ebook on them. This ebook can help you decide if building a superapp makes sense for your project, team, and company. If it does, the ebook walks through various options and considerations for getting started. It also features real-world examples of how some of the most successful businesses are creating an augmented connected workforce using superapps. 

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