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The FootballManager NextGame Module for Joomla extends your site with a countdown timer that shows the remaining time until the next game. In addition, the live features (after the countdown) offer live stats and an optional content area for your live broadcast*.

Surprise your visitors with this module. Designed as a unique eye-catcher, all relevant information about the next game fully automatic. Once set up, the module works completely autonomously and shows your visitors a countdown to the next game. When the kickoff has occurred, the module can also be used to display further details about the game.

Integrated Live Features

After the kickoff, the real action starts. The module supports our live features. That means the module shows the current score (AJAX integration no reload of the page necessary!) when you enter it. In addition, we offer you a section in which you can freely display additional content during the game. This can be a livestream window or further text information or a liveticker... All possibilities are open to you.

Use our NextGame for FootballManager Module in combination with our GameMaster Module to get the maximum out of it!

*Boradcast / Liveticket solution is not included in this module and can be done for example by an iFrame embed or our free nx-YoutubeBox Module.

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The FootballManager Games Module generates a list view of all played, still to be played or all games of a season, season phase or league based on the entered games in the FootballManager Component and the module settings. The filters can be combined freely in the module settings.

You have a large number of customization options to adapt the look and feel of the module to your site/design. In addition, the "Simple Table" layout allows you to freely arrange the columns to be displayed, such as home team, away team, kickoff, score, and more. (11 available content types) freely arrange with our builder.

Currently there are three different layout options available. The Standard Layout, the Darkglass Layout (StandardLayout inverted) and the Simple Table Layout. Optionally, you can display further game information via modal for all three. If this option is activated, a click on one of the games opens the corresponding modal with the additional information.
Like the our other FootballManager modules, the Games module relies on the integration of UIkit 3, which can either be paid for through the template (the module will then adapt your template styles) or you can use the version of the UIkit 3 framework that comes with the FootballManger component.

Modal Solution included

This module comes with an included modal view. This means that additional information on the respective game is only a click away.

Available information within the modal

All settings are optional. The modal adapts its appearance according to your configuration.

  • Customfield integration
  • Sponsor Support
  • Headerimage by Game / Location
  • Show Score (past games)
  • Logo Background (Header)
  • Show Countdown (upcoming games)
  • Configure Countdown Layout (Colors / Size)
  • TicketLink
  • Event Description
  • Location Description
  • Detailsbox
  • Flyer / Flyer Lightbox
  • Team Link
  • Show Officials for game
  • Show Game Rosters
  • Show Player Positions (optional learn more link)

The module accesses the stored data in the Football Manager component for the respective information. The complete administration for sponsors / player positions and others is possible via the component.

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Ignisdev Revolut Checkout for Virtuemart

Do you have a Revolut Business account with the Revolut Merchant option and want to accept Revolut payments in Virtuemart?

Ignisdev Revolut Checkout extension for Virtuemart will allow you to accept payments with the most popular cards!

Safe payment
Transaction security in Revolut Checkout for Virtuemart plugin provides among other SCA and 3D Secure authentication.

Ignisdev Revolut Checkout for Virtuemart currently supports currencies (according to Revolut Merchant requirements): EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, CHF, JPY, AUD, HKD, SEK, DKK, NOK, NZD, PLN, ZAR.

Clean form
After selecting the Revolut payment method in the checkout form and placing the order, the Revolut pop-up widget is displayed, in which the customer enters payer and card details.

Remember! To use Ignisdev Revolut Checkout for Virtuemart you must have a Revolut Merchant account.

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FootballManager for Joomla! is the component for leagues / clubs to manage all aspects of American Football or any other Gridiron Sports in Joomla!. And the best thing about it, it's free*.

The FootballManager for Joomla! includes everything you need to manage players, leagues, games, locations, sponsors, officials or coaches. And when the given options are not enough for you, simply build your own ones thanks to our Custom Field Integration for the FootballManager!

Manage Teams & Players

With the FootballManager from nx-designs you can manage your teams - create & assign the players including their data like height, weight, age and picture, link them with teams (yes with more than one, that's also possible) and present them on your homepage.
Besides the "Standard" fields that are available, you can also create player information with Advanced information about previous teams.
Elements of the Team & Player category also support the integration / addition of Customfields*. With Customfields you can create your own fields and extend the FootballManager Joomla! according to your ideas.

Manage Locations

The FootballManager for Joomla! also includes a management for the locations. In combination with our professional modules (paid subscription required) you can offer your visitors an end2end service in relation to the games including background information on stadium / parking and directions.

And if you want more: The FootballManager Locations can be extended by CustomFields. These are also supported in our paid modules*.

Integrated Sponsor Management

You can manage sponsors centrally in our FootballManager component for Joomla! and use / link them in various places. Sponsors can be saved with logo & image as well as a URL. Sponsors can only be displayed in our professional modules in the respective context.

Players, Teams, Games & Locations can be linked to sponsors. Games & Teams contain an extended option with that you can link your sponsors by custom categories (Transport Partner, Matchday Sponsor, ...)

Support for Season, League, Season Phase (Divisions)

FootballManager for Joomla! supports the management and integration of Seasons, Leagues & Divisions or Season Phases. Categorize your games into the appropriate seasons or leagues. The team and players can be flexibly added to different leagues or divisions for games.

Our Professional Modules & Extensions can filter by games and/or generate league tables based on this structure.

No limits Create the structure for your Players, Teams & Games as you need it!

Scoretypes & Scores

You define the score types. The FootballManager for Joomla! comes completely without defaults "out of the box" create the score types in the backend with the configuration valid for your league. Thanks to this feature, FootballManager can be used across the board for all Gridiron sports.

The integration of score types and scores as elements allows the easy creation of statistics* as well as the calculation of match results - the results for the matches are automatically generated by the FootballManager if desired.

You can also work without score types and scores and enter the game results manually in the games or combined: keep detailed statistics for the games of your own teams and enter only the final result for the games of the other teams. You have complete freedom.

Customfield Support

We write FLEXIBILITY in capital letters, that's why we have integrated Customfields in the FootballManager for Joomla!.
With Customfields you can easily extend FootballManager with more fields. These fields can be used in our professional modules to offer even more content to your visitors.

Great Import & Export Features

Import or export your data directly from the corresponding backend view in Excel format.

*The component is free of charge and can be used for the administration of everything around the football resp. gridiron sport without any restrictions. For the publication in the frontend paid extensions in the subscription model are necessary.

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The plugin automatically generates license keys at the JoomShopping order completion stage and displays the keys on the order details page.
You will need this if you want to sell extensions for Joomla using JoomShopping, and the update server is based on SW JProjects.


1. Product Characteristics "SW JProjects project's Id " for JoomShopping
Go to: Components - JoomShopping - Options - Product Characteristics. Create a new charasteristic "SW JProjects project's Id", type "text". Characteristisc must be enabled in JoomShopping's settings. 

2. Setting up characteristics in JoomShopping
Go to: Components - JoomShopping - Configuration - Product.  Section "List Products", options "Show Characteristics", "Show Characteristics (Search)", "Show Characteristics in cart" - make sure that the "SW Projects Project Id" charasterisitc is not set. Then we will be able to fill it in when editing the product card, but it will not be visible to the end customer from the frontend.

3. Setting up free attributs to get a domain name.
If you don't need a domain name request when ordering, you can skip this step.

If you want the buyer to specify the domain of the site for which the extension is being purchased when placing an order, create a free attribute. Go to: Components - JoomShopping - Options - Free attributes. Create a free attribute with the name "domain" ("domain"). The name of the free attribute does not matter, set it as you see fit. Free attributes must be enabled in the JoomShopping settings: Components - JoomShopping - Settings - Basic. Section "Products", checkbox "Free attributes".

4. Specify the SW jprojects project ID in the product card.
Now in the card of each product you need to specify the project id, which can be found in the list of projects SW Projects.

5. WT Jshopping SW JProjects Plugin Settings
Position in single order view
Information about the key, the "download" button is displayed in the buyer's personal account when viewing the order details. There are 3 positions available, the location of which depends on your JoomShopping template.
JoomShopping characteristic's Id for SW JProjects project Id
Select the charasterictic you created to specify the Project Id in SW JProjects.
Ask for a domain for a key?
If you select "yes", you will see a selection of a free attribute from which the plugin will take the domain name specified by the buyer.
Show a note in the order?
The note displays the domain specified by the buyer when ordering. Usually JoomShopping displays information about free attributes of products in the order, therefore the domain name should be displayed in the personal account. If this does not happen, enable this option.
Show the key and download link on the JoomShopping order completion page?
After creating an order (successful payment), a table with a list of purchased extensions, generated license keys, start and end dates of the keys, as well as the "download" button will be displayed.
CSS-classes of table tag in JoomShopping checkout finish view
Used for tag. Need to customize the appearance. For example, table table-bordered
CSS-classes of button "Download" in JoomShopping checkout finish view.
For example, btn btn-success. The same style will be applied to the "download" button on the order details page.

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