This module displays customised HikaShop Products with a Countdown timer. Best way to show your discounted, onsale, new or upcoming products on your HikaShop based Joomla! webshop.


  • Responsive design
  • Options to select any desired date and time to count.
  • Customisable countdown label.
  • Custom background, border and text color chooser to match with your current template.
  • Custom padding, margin and text align to match with your current template's product listing style.
  • Enable show/hide box shadow on hover.

  • Option to set maximum number of products to display.

  • Option to set number of columns to show on large Desktop, Desktop, Tablet, large and small Mobile devices.

  • Show products from all HikaShop categories or from one or more categories.

  • Show products from all HikaShop brands or from one or more brands filter by all or selected categories.
  • Show only your own selected products.

  • Display products synchronized by currently viewing category when possible.

  • Show products ordered by Randon, Most recent, Top sales, Availability date, Rating scores, Votes, Hits.
  • Options to show only Sale price or Base price and sales price when discount applied to the product.
  • Option to show/hide Add to cart button.

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This module allows you to add icon images in a panel. There is the possibility to specify the panel layout. V.1.0.2 lets you categorize. V.1.0.3: bug fix when module is duplicated

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Filterable Items for K2 is a simple module that displays K2 items as portfolios based on different filters.It is a very useful and applicable extension for news website,company websites,shopping websites or other websites that work with portfolios or filterable items. This module enables you to show K2 items based on different filters.

You can set the options of this module to filter K2 items based on their tags, their categories or their authors. It gains AJAX method for loading more items to improve the performance of your website. Filterable Items for K2 is very flexible with customizable setting. There are some options for setting the color of different parts. Also, You can determine the item image or author avatar is shown as featured image.

- Displaying K2 items based on tags, categories and authors
- Gaining AJAX method for loading more items
- Easy to use
- Customizable settings
- Limiting the number of items
- Ordering the items based on create date, modified date, publish date, hits or random.
- Limiting the length of items intro text
- Using a pretty style for displaying the items.
- The capability of displaying the avatar of authors instead of item image

Using this module is easy and fast and it can be installed on Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x. Before using this module, make sure the K2 component has been installed on your Joomla website.

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JUX Social Media is a Joomla social module which gives you a combined social media for all of your social networks. You can display social feeds in beautiful responsive walls or galleries, show user-generated content is a great way to add social proof to your site, social media module for Joomla is one of the outstanding solutions to connect more users to join your network.

More detailed information

Fully responsive.

JUX Social Media looks great and works smoothly on any device including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Moreover, it will automatically adjust to fit with any screen.

Support 6 social networking sites.

JUX Social Media supports 6 famous social networks that are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vimeo. For each social channel, you can limit the number of posts display and posts load also.

Support 5 different layout styles.

There are 5 layouts for your content to be the display that is masonry, grid, justified, wall, and carousel layout.
With masonry, grid and wall layouts: category, date, description, the number of likes, comments, views, and shares will be shown in one frame.
With justified and carousel layouts: those options will be shown when you hover over the article.
For each article, you can choose a show or hide the options at the backend and easily change the number of description word count to display in one frame.

Filter by Facebook only.

This is an optional feature that can be handy for you. You can filter the social channel to show only Facebook or Instagram which you want

Simple and easy-to-use configuration.

JUX Social Media offers 5 configurations for 5 different layouts. You can easily show or hide the show header and limit number column, row, etc.

Easy control in the backend.

You can easily control your Joomla site with all necessary options in the backend where you can manage which social channels will be displayed, limited posts number, manage the permission settings.

Key features:
• Fully responsive
• 6 social networking channel integrated.
• Support 5 different layouts: masonry, grid, justified, wall and carousel.
• Filter by the social channel which you want.
• Simple & easy-to-use configuration.
• Easy control in the backend.

End Point
With many above core features, we hope you will have a great experience when using JUX Social Media. Don’t hesitate to try it, with the help of this module, you can engage your audience and grow your social capital.

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