Joomla Page Speed Analyze is a great extension to analyze and report of page speed on your Joomla site easily.

**IMPORTANT Demo Page **Username : testuser Password : 123456
**IMPORTANT **This extension comes multi-language : English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuqese, Greek, Turkish.

Analyze Each Page with One Click in Seconds!

You will see a button at the bottom left of each of your page. Click and then Analyze the page Speed of each Page just with one click in seconds!

Multi Browser

You can analyze with Chrome or Firefox browsers

Multi Location

You can analyze from different locations
Vancouver, Canada
London UK
Sydney Australia
Dallas USA
Mumbai India
Sao Paolo Brasil
or Hong Kong China

Adbloack Enable - Disable

You can enable or disablke AdBlock for your analyzes

Video Enable - Disable

You can enable or disable video recording, this helps you to view how your page is loading.

Page Speed Score

Get Page Speed Score at analyze results

YSlow Score

Get YSlow Score at analyze results

Fully Loaded Time

Get Fully Loaded Time Score in seconds at analyze results

Total Page Size

Get Total Page Size Score as MB at analyze results

Total Requests

Get Number of Total Requests at analyze results

Page Load Timings

Get Page Load Timings for each step of page Loading at analyze results

Detailed Page Speed Analyze

Get deeply detailed page speed analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

Detailed YScore Analyze

Get deeply detailed YScore analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

Hide Scores with 100

You can hide scores with 100. This will help you to focus on the parts that you must improve.

Detailed Page Loading Timings

Get deeply detailed page loading timings analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

Credits Info

You can view your remaing GTMetrix Credits at every page and the next refill date.

Page Screenshot

You will get a page screenshot at detail page.

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A slideshow Joomla module for cycling through images with or without captions. Requires Template with Bootstrap 4 support.


  • Bootstrap 4 Support
  • Up to 10 slide configuration
  • Full Screen Support

Animation Effects
- Slide
- Fade
- Ken Burns

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Minitek Slider is the most powerful responsive slider for Joomla, ideal for creating galleries, carousels and scrollers.

With Minitek Slider you can create amazing sliders with:

Joomla articles, categories
K2 articles, categories, authors
Virtuemart products
Jomsocial users, groups, events, photos, albums, videos
EasyBlog articles
EasySocial users, groups, events, photos, albums, videos
Images from an external folder
RSS feed

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This module can show show youtube grid gallery where you can create it with your favorite videos.

Features it has :

Works with any templates.
Change background
Responsive option
Cross browser support.
Simple and Friendly user interface.
Ease to use.
Multi Animation Support
Lazy Load Support
Pagination Option

Supported Platform:

Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X

Note : Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

How to use :

1) Just install module and do configuration
2) Then just publish it and it will start working.

Details :

  1. Simple configuration.
  2. Working fine.

Tutorial :


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Ideal Directory is a Joomla! extension which allows you to create a directory of business on your site. You'll be able to create a structured directory with all the business/location information and your website visitors will be able to either navigate using the directory or the interactive map.

Key features:

Business information with Schema.org integration for better SEO, including, but not limited to:
- Business Name;
- Contact Person;
- Address;
- Telephone / Mobile;
- Store/business hours;
- Logo;

Google Maps integration:
- Geolocation: The site visitor might choose to let the browser inform his location for better usability;
- Auto Complete search box using the Places API;
- Provide user directions from his location to the Business/store in the directory using Google Directions Service;

Server-side Clustering, which calculates the cluster in the server-side and loads to the user using AJAX technology. This is much faster than traditional Javascript clusters, especially when loading thousands of map markers at the same time;
Map sidebar sections are customizable, meaning you can add other related modules,saving space and making it easier for your users;
Business image gallery using CSS only (no Javascript), which means it is lighter, faster and responsive;
For high traffic websites the store map will be shown upon a click in order to increase website speed and specially to avoid Google Maps API usage fees;
Business Contact Form, using Joomla! Custom Form Fields; For greater flexibility, you can add any number of Form Fields to the business contact form;
Automatic SEF URLs, compatible with Joomla! SEF options. There's no need for a third party component/plugin;
Compatibility with Joomla! core captcha plugins, therefore you can use any captcha plugin you'd like;

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