This plugin automatically injects the Optimizely tracking code in your Joomla website. It also provides you with the option to configure the unique Optimizely ID from your account.

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Easy Services Booking is an online services booking solution for Joomla CMS, This component can be used for day spas, massage therapists, hair salons, and PTs .... and more, and allow owners to manage their diaries and give clients the ability to book appointments online.

Main Features

  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited Services
  • Back end appointment management
  • Set custom trading hours
  • Block holidays and days off
  • Custom fields for client information
  • Customisable client emails
  • Multi language support
  • Basic reporting and exports
  • Client validation of appointments
  • Admin validation of appointments
  • Automatic validation of appointments
  • PayPal payment gateway support
  • Group class resources
  • Client reminders and surveys
  • SMS confirmations
  • SMS reminders
  • Front end manage diaries module
  • Jump to booking content plugin
  • Google calendar integration
  • Slimline diary view module

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A next-generation social networking & community building software for Joomla!

Next-Gen UI
For the first time, experience the one page design of a social platform in Joomla! CMS. No more waiting for page reloads for every page.

One-page design
Loads all the elements of the page only once. Uses ajax to load all other pages user navigates to. Experience of a desktop application in web UI.

One Profile for All
Get most out of one-page profile, integrate with all extensions with simple plugin system and customizable look and feel.

Multi-Profiles System
Create and customize multiple profiles for a different set of user groups, design content with custom fields and field groups.

Profile API
Integrate third-party extensions with easy to use profile API. All corejoomla extensions have plugins to integrate with your profiles.

No training required
All features are designed in such a way that they don't need any training. Get started in 5 minutes with no fuss.

Faster and better
Significantly improves the experience of your users by loading the content faster and without deviating from the existing design.

Super fast, Super slim
Sociable is developed with speed and simplicity in mind. The pages not only load faster, but they are also simple and user-friendly.

Features that Matters
Badge system, photos/albums, user groups, and discussions system, connect API and many more features out of the box.

Social features
Sociable has all features that you need for your community, be it simple avatars, complex profiles with fields or group discussions

Fully customizable layouts
We know, no two sites are the same. So we developed Sociable with customization in mind. Change and customize all content with layouts.

Customizable features
Don't want to use a certain feature? We cover you. All features can be enabled/disabled with customizable options with a single click.

Profile System
Sociable profile system glues your users with a one-stop shop for all your user data and provides a personalized page. Extend profiles with third-party plugins.

Points System
Reward your users with a built-in points system and motivate them to discuss more. Extend points system with plugins.

Activity Stream
Sociable activity stream provides a unified page to view and discuss on all user activity. Post status, photos, videos and events to stream.

Avatars Support
Built-in avatar system can be extended using flexible API, or you can use third-party avatars. Integrate avatars everywhere using simple API.

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