Parallax effects are a way to make your Joomla! web pages more dynamic and interesting. If you already have a website built and you’d like to add a parallax effect, this plugin can get the job done.

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Virtuemart Cart Auto Save is an application designed to make it easier for your customers and increase your sales from abandoned carts!

Smart Cart for abandoned
The application saves the user's cart and recalls it when visitor comes back again. The cart for registered members is never lost.


  • Store abandoned for guests and registered users
  • Recall cart automatically
  • Automatic coupon creation (with fixed or percentage amount)
  • Coupon expiration time
  • GDPR Compatible
  • Modal PopUP window form (email,name,consen submission)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Automatic email sending via cronJob
  • Auto deletion of expired or very old coupons
  • Email tracking
  • Email view online and & Unsubscribe
  • Statistics
  • Joomla overridable e-mail & pop modal templates for customizing!
  • Multilingual support

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Shack Article Layouts allows you to display your articles in many attractive layouts. This extension is perfect for creating homepages, or landing pages for blogs, portfolios, testimonials and other content.

You have the freedom to choose how to display your articles, as well as what to display from the articles. You can display images from articles, some or part of the article's content, links and read more buttons included in the article, or authors, dates, and so much more. Additionally, you can pick from several stylish layouts and organize the number of columns and rows to fit your needs.

Multiple layout options

Shack Article Layouts comes with 5 design options: default, magazine, wide, blocks and cover. These control the placement and style of your images and content.

Decide which content to display

Shack Article Layouts has options so you can decide which articles to show, and how to display them. You can select article categories, ordering, quantity, layout and much more.

Display Options

Shack Article Layouts has detailed options for images and text. For example, you can choose which images to show (intro image, full article image, or first image from your article's content). You can also choose how much text to show and where it's pulled from.

Custom color support

You can choose a custom color to apply to the read more button and other parts of your layout. This allows you to quickly and easily match your layout to your site's design.

All your articles can use the same height

Shack Article Layouts comes with a "Match height" setting that ensures all your article boxes are the same height, no matter how long the content is for each item.

Content plugin support

Shack Article Layouts comes with native content plugin support, which means that it can show anything loaded by plugins on your site: this often includes video, audio and other media files.

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EB Horizontal Accordion Gallery Joomla module allows you to create beautifully crafted Horizontal Accordion Images in a very modern way. This module comes up with 5 in-built styles with very nice animations and can be used on the website for various purposes.


⚡ Homepage Slider
⚡ Image Gallery
⚡ Testimonials
⚡ Content Blocks


  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x
  • Standalone RESPONSIVE View
  • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
  • In-built 5 different styles with nice animations
  • UNLIMITED Slides can be added
  • Configurable Galley with Image, Title, Link, Text, etc.
  • Configurable Block Background color, Title background color, Title color
  • Configurable Height of Accordion Gallery
  • Configurable Links on the slides

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EasyTheme is a module that allows visitors to your site to switch between your normal theme or the dark theme. It has many options to configure it in depth, but while remaining easy and quick to configure.

  • Option to choose to display either buttons or a side panel
  • Configurable panel position and design
  • Ability to add custom text in a pop-up
  • Font Awesome included
  • Side panel colors configurable according to each selected theme
  • Three themes available: light, dark or normal
  • Possibility to configure the colors of each theme
  • Ability to add custom css code
  • Integration with EasySocial, EasyDiscuss, Komento and ConverseKit
  • And so much more...

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