Shack User Switching allows you to test any user account on your sites, without compromising their passwords. With one click, you can browse your site and see exactly what your users see. This is a safe and useful way to troubleshoot problems for your site's users.

Test accounts on the Joomla frontend

Shack User Switching allows you to access another user's account by using the normal Joomla login form. You enter the username of the person that you want to log in as, then enter your own password.

Test accounts in the Joomla admin area

You can use Shack User Switching to test accounts that have administrator access. Enter the username of the account that you want to test, and then enter your own account password.

Detailed access control

Shack User Switching gives you the ability to decide who can test accounts. You can make this choice based on user groups, user IDs, or IP addresses. You can also control which user groups can not be tested.

Shack User Switching is secure

Normally, to test a user account, you will need to access or change their password. With Shack User Switching, the users' passwords remain private and secure. Also, Shack User Switching uses all the core safety features within the Joomla core login forms, which adds protection against hackers.

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This plugin adds trackers to your site for transmitting data about users behavior to define users in one of the trigger campaign segments:
1. abandoned shopping cart
2. abandoned payment
3. abandoned category view
4.аbandoned product view
5. сomplete the survey/leave a review
6. share the link to the site

version 1.0
Using js / api/v1.1 - all forms are tracked automatically without installing an additional tracker.
The current version of the plugin is available on

The full description of the plugin installation method is here

Please send me a screenshot of the error with a link to the page and the user id in the system by e - mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. , if you can not add the plugin to your site, data is sent from part of the site's functionality, "error" in the logs, or other difficulties with integration

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With iMagnifier you can easily integrate an image with magnifying glass function into your content. Thanks to the support of dynamic sources iMagnifier can also use the image URL's of Joomla! Article Customfields as source.

Magnifying glass

iMagnifier is a module for Joomla! CMS. iMagnifier can be used with one or two images as source (Preview & HiRes). iMagnifier renders the selected image in a preview, if you move the mouse over the image, the image will be shown within a magnifying glass at 100% resolution. The magnification factor is determined by the image itself. Of course you can also choose an alternative image for the zoom (image.jpg & image_hires.jpg). The corresponding images can be defined in the backend module.

Customfields support (Dynamic Mode)

In Dynamic Mode, a custom field can be selected for the preview and zoom image. These fields must contain the image URLs. If no data is available, the module is not loaded. In this way it is possible to use the module in dynamic templates. The image sources are configured in the article. Inside of the article only the module instance with the appropriate configuration (Dynamic Mode with the seected Customfields) has to be loaded. So you can have countless instances of the module displayed, but only one needs to be created in the backend.

Main Features

  • Mobile First
  • Joomla! Customfield Support
  • Rectangle or Circle magnifier
  • Style like you want
Define magnifier diameter Define magnifier border size & color Add Custom CSS classes for container & image
  • Extension Type: Module
  • Joomla! 4.0 compatible

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Responsive Module works perfectly fine on all devices.
Customize the question and background colour
Option customize the active colour of the FAQs
Option to set the font for the FAQs
Easy Backend section to simply add the questions and answers
Option to enable or disable the jQuery Framework
Option set all the question and answers to open/close or just set the first question and answer to open.
Option to enable or disable toggle.

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Ruxin Custom Cursor is a perfect plugin that changes the default cursor with a set of 11 pretty cursors
- 11 different and beautiful styles
- Ability to change the color of the layers
- Ability to display on site, admin or both
- Ability to display in selected menus
- Very light and compatible with all browsers

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