SV - Lightbox Gallery is a free modern joomla module lightbox focused on contents. Totally responsive and adaptive, is extremely flexible to be tailored in the minimum details. Main features of the module: thumbnails navigation, effective socials share, element contents - title, description and author, images "right-click" protection, fullscreen mode, images direct download, mousewheel and Keyboard elements, full control on each animation / effect timing navigation, modal mode and more.

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Best Joomla! parallax section builder module to build a responsive and attractive section with CSS3 based Parallax scrolling, Lettering and type witter effect.

The easiest way to get an attractive background with CSS3 based parallax scrolling, lettering and type witter effect on your Joomla! Website.

New Features Includes

Easy to Setup and Customize.
Fastest Support By Developer Team.
Control Section Height and Tittle Font Size According to Device Viewport.
Action Button.
Lettering Effect.
More Control on Background Image.
Link Option for Logo.
Pre & Post Text of Typed Title.
Full-Width with Custom Content Width.
Control Link Target Type & Logo Width.
HTML Support on Top and Bottom Content.
Control Content Alignment: Left, Center, Right.

Exclusive Features

Responsive Parallax Background.
Title with Animated Typing and Lettering Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
Background Color with Opacity.
Support Custom Content with HTML Markup.
Style Overrides Available form Template.
Customize Everything form Module Options.
Typing Content Support HTML and Multi Line Text.
Super lightweight and easy to use.
Control Section Margin, Padding and Width.
Unlimited Successively typed sentence.
Multiple Instances on One Page.
Joomla 3.9 & Joomla 4 Ready.
Multi-lingual Supported.
Animated Blinking Cursor.
Control Typing Speed.
Control Time Before Typing Starts.
Control Backspacing Speed.
Shuffle the Strings.
Support Typing String loop.
Custom Typing Cursor Character.
Life Time Support and Free upgrade.
Manage settings : typing speed, start delay, back speed, back delay, show cursor, blink cursor, loop etc.

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Search for keywords and text within the same page instantly. This search module displays either a normal search input field or a floating/ fixed search bar. The search is instant and matched keywords will be highlighted on the same page. The number of results will show giving you the ability to jump to the next keyword on the page. Similar to the Ctrl+F 'find and search feature' in modern browsers. Search term highlighting.


  • Joomla Module - Module can be used with any module position.
  • Instant Search Text Highlighting and Keyword Search within the same page. Similar to the Ctrl+F 'find and search feature' in modern mainstream browsers.
  • JavaScript keyword highlighting.
  • Search instantly within current Joomla page without any page refresh.
  • Highlight search results with custom highlighted and selected coloring.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Next and Previous buttons to jump and navigate between matched search results.
  • Supports custom CSS styling using specified classes.
  • Case Sensitive Search - Can be enabled or disabled.
  • Customizable Search Box placeholder text.
  • Standard or Floating Search Box Types.
  • Search Results Message can be disabled or enabled. E.g. Total 2 results found.
  • Search Results Message is fully customizable.
  • Customizable search results highlighting color.
  • Customizable current search result highlighting color.
  • Ability to search only within specific HTML elements. Specified HTML elements can be excluded from search, e.g. Header or Footer text via element, id or class name for example .footer in < div class="footer" >< /div >.
  • Supports the Joomla template overwriting to customize search box with custom HTML and CSS. This feature is for expert users only.
  • Forum Support.
  • In Page Search Term Highlighter is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.
  • Powered by mark.js. mark.js is a text highlighter written in JavaScript. For more information visit https://markjs.io/ - mark.js is licensed under the MIT license.

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Are you worried that your website gets hacked? Are you afraid of your website pushing malware to your visitors because of this?

Did you know that your website is visited (very) regularly by bots scanning your site for vulnerabilities or spam possibilities? Did you know that there are hundreds of (commercial) companies trying to fight these offenders and keeping track of their IP addresses?

Did you know that now you can protect your website by automatically blocking all IP addresses that are known to participate in on-line attacks, on-line service abuse, malwares, botnets, command and control servers and other cyber crime activities?

Keep your website, your content and your visitors secure!

With this plugin you can instantly block (or redirect) visitors, who's IP address is in an IP set of known offenders, from snooping around and look for vulnerabilities in your site. The IP Sets are maintained by (commercial) companies and are regularly (some real time) updated to hold the latest offenders. These IP sets can have millions of know offenders!

And you can tap into this massive 'community' maintained resource and block all offending bots / hackers / malware / spammers on your site.

New in version 0.1.1

- New: Added options to whitelist complete domains (e.g. googlebot.com)
- Improved: made several logfile entries more verbose
- Improved: fixed issue where Cache lifetime configuration setting was not respected

Version 0.1.0

- Hello World!

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