JD Admin Bar

Access the Admin Controls when you are on the Front-end of your Joomla Site

Navigate to any Configuration setting, Edit any page or menu item, Create New Article, Category, Module, User or edit any published module while viewing your Joomla Site

Enable Admin Bar Plugin and start editing your pages right from the frontend. Supports core Joomla Articles, category and 3rd party extensions like JD Builder, Hikashop, Virtuemart, Easyblog, J2Store and more on the way.

Increase Productivity
Stop navigating back and forth to add or edit the existing article, module or categories. Just access admin features from the frontend.

Great User Experience
Access all the controls from a floating bar on the top of the page. The Admin Bar will give you a great user experience to speed up work.

Access Admin Feature from Frontend
You don't need to login in the backend to access the admin features like configurations, modules, template etc.

Enable/Disable With One Click
No messy settings. Simple installation. You can enable or disable the plugin with just a single click.

Edit page while viewing
If you are on a Menu item or an article, you can edit that menu item while you are viewing on the frontend.

** User-Friendly**
The plugin is fully user friendly and can be used without any distraction. It will just add a simple floating bar on the top of the page.

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Facebook Login is a module that provides one-click login and registration to your Joomla Facebook site. A user can log in with his Facebook social account credentials. Facebook Login provides you with an easy-to-understand backend. You also get a fully customizable module and further support and automatic updates with new versions.

Facebook Login Features:
- Facebook login
- Integration with joomla user registration process.
- Fully customizable module
- Option for API handler
- Display Connected Users
- Support for any Joomla components
- Localization: Russian and English
- Compatibility - Joomla! 3.5 or higher
- Automatic update with the release of new versions of the module

The package includes:
- FaceBook Authentication Module

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"Check date" is a joomla module to display messages to users for a certain period of time. The module checks the current date with the start and end date of the period to display the message. If the current date meets the condition, the message is displayed. If the current date does not match the condition, the module is not displayed. Up to 10 messages can be displayed with this module.
Example of using the module:
Every year there are holidays that are on the same date. On this date you want the site to have a message to greet users. But you may forget to put this message. This module will solve exactly this problem. Every year on this date/or period of time/ message will be show of your site.

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A free module for CMS Joomla that allows you to accept donations using the Yandex.Checkout payment aggregator - https://checkout.yandex.com.


  • Specify the recommended donation amount and free
  • Text before the donation form
  • Purpose donation - create an unlimited list
  • Note to the donation sent to the email along with information about the payment.
  • The payment is made on the Yandex.Checkout side.
  • Your site must have jQuery enabled.

How does the donation work?

  • You make sure that you have the right to accept donations in accordance with Your Charter.
  • Sign a contract with Yandex.You upload scans of signed documents.
  • You get access to the test settings and later to the combat settings.
  • Install the WT Yandex.Checkout donate Joomla module, set up a list of donation purposes (it will be displayed in the payment details in Yandex.Checkout), specify your shopId and secret key.
  • If the payment is successful, the money is credited to Your Bank account the day after the transaction, minus the Yandex.Checkout Commission.

Because Yandex.Checkout don't autoredirect to your site after successfull payment we can't get a payment status before sending email. You will recive all email's with payment status "pending". Please, check payment status manually.

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A simple CAPTCHA Plugin using the CAPTCHA service
to protect your Joomla website against SPAM.

The Plugin can be easily kept up-to-date because it uses Joomla! Update System.

### Instructions

and install using Joomla's Extension installer
- in the Joomla back-end: Extensions > Install
- Create a free account at
- Add your site to https://hcaptcha.com and get a Secret Key + Site Key
- Add the Secret Key + Site Key to the hCaptcha plugin
- in the Joomla back-end: Extensions > Plugins > Select: hCaptcha
- add the Site Key + Secret Key
- publish the hCaptcha Plugin
- Configure your Joomla site to use hCaptcha as default:
- in the Joomla back-end: System > Global Configuration > [Site] tab >
Default Captcha > Select "Captcha - hCaptcha"
- Test your forms on the front-end of your Joomla website to see if the hCaptcha
has been configured properly and works correctly.


This plugin has been translated into the following languages:
- Dutch (nl-NL) by Peter Martin (
- French (fr-FR) by Yannick Berges (
- German (de-DE) by Tobias Zulauf (
- English (en-GB) by Peter Martin (
- Polish (pl-PL) by Mateusz Hajder (


22-Apr-2020 : v1.2.0
$ Added French fr-FR language File (@micker)
$ Added Germany de-DE language File (@zero-24)
+ Added PHP 7.0 minimum check (@zero-24)
+ Added privacy message about IP beeing send to hcaptcha.com (@zero-24)

21-Apr-2020 : v1.1.0
$ Added Dutch nl-NL language File (@pe7er)
$ Added Polish pl-PL language File (@mhajder)
+ Added Theme configuration: Light / Dark
+ Added Size configuration: Normal / Compact

20-Apr-2020 : v1.0.0
+ Added Update server URL

10-Apr-2020 : v1.0.0-RC1
$ Added English en-GB language File (@pe7er)
+ Added ACL check to Dashboard + Profiles view

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