Magic image resize is a content plugin for automatic scaling content images to a web friendly size. Magic image resize does not work destructive. It stores the resized images into .thumb folders inside your image directories. Only the source is replaced. You can still use responsive classes like img-fluid or img-responsive.


img class="xt-lazy-img" src="" class="img-fluid" data-resize="crop" width="250" height="128"

This will crop a image to exactly 250 x 128 pixels and put it into images/.thumbs/250-128/myLargeImg.jpg

The html Image src attribute will be replaced with the urls to a scaled version in a .thumbs - folder.

Images can be scaled, cropped or filled

  • data-resize="scale": Default value. Scale the Image and keep aspect.
  • data-resize="crop": Crop the and center the image to the exact size. Ignore aspect.
  • data-resize="fit": Fit image to size and fill the rest with background color.

If no special width or height attributes are provided Magic image resize uses the plugin settings.
The plugin will be activated automatically during installation.

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MyDocsLanguage Plugin

This Joomla plugin automatically adds the Special:MyLanguage tag for links if needed

Sponsoring and Donation

You want to support my work for the you can give something back and sponsor me.

There are two ways to support me right now:
- This extension is part of , write bug fixes, improving features and maintain my extensions.
- You just want to send me an one-time donation? Great you can do this via .

Thanks for your support!


This plugin runs onContentBeforeSave and makes sure that all links to contain the Special:MyLanguage tag for translation.

Update Server

Please note that my update server only supports the latest version running the latest version of Joomla and atleast PHP 7.0.
Any other plugin version I may have added to the download section don't get updates using the update server.

Issues / Translations

You have found an Issue, you have done a translation or have a question / suggestion regarding the plugin?
or submit a pull request with the proposed changes.

Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED)

This plugin can also been found in the Joomla! Extensions Directory:

Release steps

  • build/
  • git commit -am 'prepare release MyDocsLanguage 1.0.x'
  • git tag -s '1.0.x' -m 'MyDocsLanguage 1.0.x'
  • git push origin --tags
  • create the release on GitHub
  • git push origin master

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Sticky Bar Horizontal Module is lightweight and eye catchy specially for Announcement, Marketing or Promotion. 

  • Flexible Module Assignment
  • Flexible/ Custom Colors for Background
  • Flexible/ Custom Colors for Text
  • Flexible/ Custom Colors for buttons and Hover buttons
  • Flexible/ Custom Colors for borders
  • Mobile friendly and Responsive

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A simple system to help manage online voting of committee members of your club/group/charity. Initial installation creates the standard positions for most clubs and groups.

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TF Learn is a simple Joomla extension for learning management and online courses. Courses are organized in modules and lessons. Content for lessons can be pulled from Joomla articles.

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