AA Easy Twitter Widget helps you, Easily embed Twitter Embed, Twitter Timeline Feed , Follow Button to your Joomla Website.

Features it has :

✅ By this module you can embed specific Tweet.
✅ By this module you can show Twitter Timeline.
✅ By this module you can show a Follow Button.
✅ It is fully responsive.
✅ You can do override css with it. It has custom css option.
✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
✅ It works with all templates. If not, support is available for help.

Supported Platform:

Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X
Note: Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

How to use :

✅ Just install the module and install it.
✅ Then it will start working.

Details :

✅ Simple configuration.
✅ Working


SMS Two factor authentication for Joomla!

PHComm is a Joomla! extension that untilize the existing two factor authentication (2FA) on your Joomla! site but the security code is sent to the user via SMS message.

Joomla two-factor authentication is one of those Joomla project improvements which can and will improve security. This is because by enabling two-factor authentication, it is practically impossible for a hacker to use a brute-force attack to guess the details of your Joomla! username and


W7 SEO Uplifter

W7 SEO Uplifter is a complete SEO and performance solution for your Joomla powered website. Using this component can help your search engine optimization, website ranking and overall performance. Hence bring you more customers.

Page title, description, and keywords

Manage page's page title, description, and keywords.

Google SERP live preview

You can see the changes instantly, thanks to the live preview.

Facebook OG Tags

Have the way Facebook creates links' cards under


Your YouTube Channel directly in your website

TUBEFLIX for Joomla! is a module that displays the content (playlists & videos) of a Youtube channel to your visitors. TUBEFLIX for Joomla! was developed with the intention that your visitors do not have to leave your site to see your Youtube videos. Fully dynamic and "Mobile First-developed", TUBEFLIX is your professional solution to embed your Youtube channel on your Joomla! site.

Incredibly fast

TUBEFLIX automatically loads the latest videos from


Track your core Joomla!® metrics & keep your finger on the pulse of your site.

Joomla!® is an extremely powerful CMS. Whether it's just you creating content or a whole team, it's critical to see the big picture. JStats provides that higher level look at your site so you can understand what is getting your users' attention and what is falling flat.

JStats Core comes packed with tools to track Joomla's core content, users and banners extensions. It's also extensible through plugins to work with

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