picWally offers the possibility of displaying a number of pictures within a main area (let's call it -w a l l-). Picture's placement and sizes can freely varied.

This is useful for creating header pictures (key visuals) of websites, but it's also possible to use the module anywhere for showing pictures and more.

The placement and sizing configuration of the picture areas (called -f r a m e s- ) is easy and works with percent values only. You don't have to think about pixels.

Additionally it's possible to place text or html snippets (called frame's -c o n t e n t- ) within the frames to create headlines or more.

Main features
- creates a main area (wall) where a number of picture areas (frames) can be added
- frames will be sized automatically depending on walls size
- frames sizes and placements are set up by percent values and choices of orientation (left, right, top, bottom)
- frames are linkable with an URL
- text or html snippets (content) can be placed within the frames
- styling of frames and contents via CSS classes or pure CSS
- fully responsive: sizes and placements will be recalculated on browser window size changes/display orientation change
- lightweight css and javascript (less than 10KByte)
- tooltip help for every module configuration option

Upcoming features (version 1.1)
- slide show function (independently for every frame)
- change frame's pictures on website reload

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Communicate with Web Skype Version

Module Features:

You will see the Skype Bubble To Right Bottom Corner.
You Can Configure your Skype ID From Module Backend.

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This module displays subscription form for AcyMailing component. You can use it to subscribe users to another Joomla website, where the component is installed. This module works with AcyMailing 5.x version.

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Atom-S excursion tour distribution system for Joomla! CMS™


Integration with Atom-S

The component provides integration with the Atom-S excursion tours distribution system, allowing you to upload tours and excursions to your website in minutes.

Online booking

The component provides online booking and payment directly on your site, through the Atom-S service.

Flexible caching system

The component allows setting caching time for each type of request to api.
Getting a showcases, Getting a tour, Uploading images, etc.


  • Getting tours and excursions to your site by API
  • Unique direct links for each tour
  • Full automation of selling tours and excursions online
  • Quickly connect new collection of tours for sale
  • Caching of static information, images
  • Customize caching
  • Duplicate pages protection

Package Contents

  • JAtomS Atom-S excursion tour distribution system component
  • JAtomS - Showcase Module for displaying tours from component
  • JAtomS - Showcases Module for displaying showcases form component


Atom-S is software for automating sales of excursion tours (for tour operators and travel agencies).

Atom-S Features

  • The b2b system is strictly for tour organizers and sellers
  • Virtual Assistant to take orders from tourists
  • Personal account for the agency at the tour operator site
  • Professional tour search
  • Inventory management
  • CRM system to control all orders

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It is a complete testimonial management solution for Joomla websites, easy to use to add testimonials to your sites and packs a surprising number of features. It comes with multiple display options, support manually enter testimonials from Joomla backend admin. Help potential customers get to know that you are a faithful business.

Main Features:

  •  Theme Variations.
  •  The configuration is very easy and simple.
  •  Unlimited Testimonials Elements.
  •  Easy to customize and stylize.
  •  AutoPlay On/Off.
  •  Support to arrange Testimonials Elements.
  •  Support Font Awesome Icons.
  •  Support to visible to all or registered users only (Access Level).
  •  Unlimited color options.
  •  Very flexible in Settings.
  •  Responsive Testimonials Module.

** Changelog**
VERSION 1.0 - Released on May 20, 2019
First release.

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