Don't let privacy regulations stop you from receiving GoogleAnalytics data. You don't need cookies to get the data youneed!

While researching and writing software to aid in GDPRcompliance, I found myself lamenting the fact that unless a userconsented to cookies - I had no avenue to collect analytics data.The site I was building at the time dealt specifically with theGDPR regulations so I needed it to comply with the law no matterwhat. But I still needed to see that analytics data!

The GDPR regulation prohibits me from setting a cookie, or usingany form of persistent browser storage without user consent. Italso prohibits me from collecting data that can be used to identifyan individual user without user consent. So I use a volatilestorage method, that doesn't transfer to other browser windows, anddisappears when a window/tab is closed. The ID used to track asingle session is a random, unique identifier that is re-generatedevery time a user arrives on the site. The plugin offers the optionto anonymize the IP address in data sent to Google Analytics. Inshort, I examined and resolved every conflict between GoogleAnalytics and the GDPR regulation.

- Cookie Free
- No identifying information is transmitted
- IP can be anonymized
- Optional GA debug mode and console logging of sent data
- IPv4 and IPv6 (+CIDR) whitelisting to prevent analytics fromrunning on specific addresses and ranges
- Per-Menu Item custom configurations.
- Enable individual GA autotrack plugins (cleanUrlTracker,eventTracker, impressionTracker, maxScrollTracker,mediaQueryTracker, outboundFormTracker, outboundLinkTracker,pageVisibilityTracker, socialWidgetTracker, urlChangeTracker)

For more information about capabilities of the GA autotrackplugin, see https://github.com/googleanalytics/autotrack

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