LivresFP is a super easy-to-use interactive flip book(Joomla) component. You will be able to easily presentyour documents in the form of a flip book on your Joomla site.
Open your component, enter a title, insert your photos with a dragand drop function, and Poundspans does the rest.

Ditto for PDF files: Drag and drop your file, and all the pagesit contains will automatically be converted into an image andlayout.

Our interactive book component for Joomla, perfectly presentsbooks as well as portfolios, photos or articles. See thedemonstration of the attached component.

This interactive Joomla book can be positioned wherever you wanton your page and is responsive. You can even put PFP in an articlethrough the use of its Joomla content plugin.

This interactive book for Joomla works on all platforms,including iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones.

For books with a large amount of pages and slow down the displayof your web page, PFS has a "Lazy loading" feature. However, it isadvisable not to use images that are too heavy.

Features of BooksFP Pro:
- Insert images by drag & drop function
- Compatible with PDF files => Imagemagick must be present onthe server.
- Selecting the pages of the PDF file to import.
- Responsive
- HTML5 compatible
- No use of flash
- This interactive Joomla book works on iPhone, iPad, smartphoneand all browsers.
- LivresFP has a full-screen display function that makes readingeasier while keeping your page smaller.
- Zoom function minus, zoom plus and auto zoom.
- Management of Joomla tags.
- SEO function push: allows to have a friendly link pointing toeach page of your book.
- Option display from left to right or from right to left availablefor each book.
- Insertion of comments possible for each page of the book.
- Joomla content plugin and xtd-button plugin available to easilyinsert your Joomla interactive books into your articles.
- Search plugin for Joomla allowing search in the comments of thebook and pages.
- Using "alt" tags for images
- Reorganization of the page order possible at any time.
- Background colors and font size configurable.
- View thumbnails of pages to quickly move from one page toanother.
- Ability to go directly to a page by entering his number.
- You do not have to have the same format for all your images, yourinteractive book will display them in full page.
- "Lazy loading" feature available for books with many pages.
- RSS feed available according to the displays.
- Button for downloading the book.
- 4 component views in addition to the plugin: Book, Featuredbooks, Books of a category, Categories of books.
- No copyright

More about our Joomla interactive book extension: View the bookcontaining its online documentation.

One option is missing: do not hesitate to ask. We will meet yourneeds.

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