View at the top of your site or any other notification area you want to give your visitors. You can, for example, display a promotion, a schedule change notice, among others. In addition to the message, you can parameterize a counter, discount coupon, outbound links and more.


Start with a ready to use theme that most adapts to your needs.


Add a countdown next to a promotion or lauching warning.


Display a static or animated image (.gif) to draw even more attention.

Discount Coupon

Display in a featured way a discount coupon also being able to define specific styles.

Display control

Set display rules for each notification, if you do not want it to always appear to the user.


Obtain great results in mobile and desktop with settings by screen resolution.

Infinite possibilities

Customize the layout editing fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacings and much more.

Constant updates

Get access to the release of new themes and resources.

Unlimited items

Do more in your site creating as many records as you want.

Performance and secutiry

Use an extension developed and tested within performance and security requirements.

SEO and Accessibility

Make use of scripts developed and tested to be accessible and optimized to search engines.

Qualified support

Be served by a support team with more than ten years experience in Joomla.

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