### Component & Module
You will get a component and a module!

Contact Button

You can show contact button at bottom-right or bottom-left of your website

Contact Button Color

You can customize the contact button color easily and make it fit to your website's design

Call Back Request Button & Form

Visitors can submit their phone number and names easily via Call Back Request Form

Only phone or name & phone options

Visitors can submit only their phone number Call Back Request Form. You can disable Name input easily

Re-captcha Option

You can enable re-captcha and prevent bots to submit requests

Call Back Request Manager - List View

All requests will be saved and you can manage them via Component at Joomla ###Administrator Area.
Call Back Request Manager - List View - Filter
You can filter request by Date and Process.

Call Back Request Manager - Request Detail View

You can view a requests submission date, ip address, page url. In the same time, you can take notes and set a request to Processed.

Multiple Contact Buttons

At module, you can show multiple contact options
Facebook Messenger
Viber and
You can show or hide any of that buttons easily.

Custom Contact Button Titles

You can customize contact buttons titles via module backend.

Custom Contact Button Sub-titles

You can customize contact buttons sub-titles via module backend.

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