Keyboard Shortcuts adds quick access to actions via hotkeys for your Joomla site.

Do you find yourself pressing CTRL+S or ⌘+S every time you want to save an article in Joomla?
Doesn't work, right? Your browser just wants to export the page as html instead.

Well, Keyboard Shortcuts changes this for you!

Now you can use your trusted keyboard shortcut to 'Save' an article - as well as many other items in Joomla, like menu items, modules, custom fields and many more.

Not only that: Keyboard Shortcuts also gives you shortcuts for the 'Save & Close', 'Save & New', 'Save as Copy' and 'Close' buttons in item views.

In list views it gives you hotkeys for creating new items ('New' button) and for searching.

More information: https://www.regularlabs.com/keyboardshortcuts

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