Joomla YooThemePro Improvements


Child theme

  • Layouts Allows overriding JLayout
  • Views Fixes views overrides
  • Modules Corrects the work of the modules overrides, and also allows you to create new ones
  • Languages Allows you to connect the language files of the child theme


  • Handler Allows you to process images on the site through YooThemePro


  • Delete jQuery Removes jQuery scripts from the head
  • Remove Bootstrap Removes the Bootstrap script from the head
  • Remove Core Removes the core.js script from the head
  • Remove Keepalive Removes the keepalive.js script from the head

Modules (in modules manager)

  • Unset in customizer Module will not be displayed in YooThemePro customizer
  • Unset empty Module will not be displayed if content is empty

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