A new FREE administrator module to secure your login page in a breeze! Use it to set a secret key to your administrator URL, and/or add IP whitelisting to your admin login page.


  • Install as a normal module
  • Select your admin modules, not your website modules
  • Select the JooSecure module and publish it in the login module position of the default Joomla admin template
  • Set your options, and your login page is protected. As simple as that!

The IP block option works as follows. : What it does is block all IP's by default, and it only allows the IP's you enter to pass through. Simply put in the IP's with access, and you are set to go! If you want to grant access to more than 1 IP simply add them separated by a comma, for instance:, Now 2 IP numbers will have access.
Any user that is not authorized, will be redirected to the homepage.

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