No API keys required; No coding skills required; Instant preview. Facebook Group Pro is a simple and powerful tool to add your Facebook Group content to Joomla website in an easy and seamless way. With Facebook Group Pro you can increase your audience and engagement of your website visitors. Posts, Photos and Videos that you publish on your Facebook group will be automatically displayed on your website with the Facebook Group Pro extension.

⚡ No coding skills required
⚡ No API keys required
⚡ Instant preview

3 Widgets in One

Facebook Group Pro is a must have extension with which you can display 3 types of Facebook Group content on your website: posts, photos and videos. You can create feeds, photo galleries and videos galleries which will be updated automatically when you will add new items into your Facebook group.

Responsive Layout for Any Device

Set the widget size so it can fit into the desired place and it will adapt the contents to the feed's size so it will look awesome on any device. Also you can custome how it will look on each device size.

50+ Customizable Options

Customize the feed to fit your website's layout with more than 50 customizable options. Show widget as a complete sourse of your Facebook group information or turn it into a photo or video gallery.

Features List:

  • No coding required
  • Facebook Group Pro works with any Facebook public group
  • All customizations are done with the integrated visual builder
  • Supports all main types of Facebook content – posts, photos, videos
  • Load More button to let you view all the content in the Feed
  • Set the Facebook Feed size any way you like – make it fit your screen full size, or place it in a specific area of your website
  • Fully responsive and adaptable content perfect for any mobile device
  • Adaptable height – set up a scrollable fixed-size widget, or make it stretch as your feed grows longer
  • Widget header displays the main information on your Facebook group – cover, picture, name, number of likes
  • Fully customizable header – hide the information you don’t need, or disable the header altogether
  • Turn off the content type tabs you don’t want to display
  • The option of hiding the menu – perfect for those who need to use one content type
  • The Facebook Group Pro for Joomla displays complete info on each post – author, publication date, formatted message text, picture, likes, comments and share counts
  • This widget allows to share a post from the feed on Facebook
  • All photos and videos open in a stylish popup directly on your Joomla website
  • Popup displays the picture or video, its author, description, publication date, likes, number of comments
  • Use arrows to scroll through the content directly in the popup
  • Facebook Group Pro Plugin Displays Facebook group cover photo as well. You can hide your Facebook cover if you want
  • Very easy to configure Facebook Widget on your Website
  • Our Facebook Group Pro widget is being used on many websites
  • Facebook Group Pro Widget is mobile responsive. Facebook feed looks very nice on mobile devices

Check out the demo group where you can try Facebook Group Pro for yourself: https://allforjoomla.com/demo-facebookfeedpro

Our Facebook Group Pro plugin serves a double purpose – it lets you acquire new followers, at the same time allowing you to promote your online business on Facebook. Keeping your visitors entertained leads to higher conversion, and bigger sales, and your amazing Facebook content will be the reason they’ll come back again and again, and spend more time on your website. Besides, the rich range of customizable options we’re offering will allow you to style the Facebook Feed exactly the way you need!

The Benefits of Facebook Group Pro plugin

Facebook Group Pro is a Joomla extension that embeds your Facebook Group directly into a website. Once installed, the only thing to do is to choose your group that you want to display and you will instantly view the changes in the widget while you change the options.

Facebook is most popular social media platform. Facebook Group Pro plugin allows you to display Facebook Group content on your website. By using our Facebook Group Pro plugin you can connect your website visitors using your Facebook Group.

The smartest business owners integrate Facebook into their business websites in order to take full advantage of all of the social media benefits provided by Facebook. Make the right choice, download Facebook Group Pro for your website. Facebook Group Pro is a customizable Facebook widget that can easily display your Facebook Group content (Facebook posts, Facebook photos and Facebook videos) directly on any Joomla website. Allow website visitors to view Facebook posts likes, Facebook shares, Facebook cover photos, without having to leave your site. Download and install Facebook Group Pro today.


  • English
  • Russian

Design your Facebook Feed

Facebook Group Pro provides a great design customization of your feeds. Adjust your Feed layout columns, rows and mobile optimization. Customize Facebook posts display and the whole feed fast and easily. Even your grandmother can do!

How to add Facebook Group Pro plugin to Joomla website

Adding Facebook Group to website with our fantastic Joomla extension takes less than a minute. All you need to do is configure the settings of the widget and paste it to your website!
- Purchase the extension at allforjoomla.com
- Install the package to the admin panel
- Customize design and set Facebook source
- Copy-paste the short-code to the page or template where you want the widget to be displayed


Found it hard to embed Facebook Group Pro to your website? Our Support Team is here to help! Read the info on allforjoomla.com and feel free to contact us!

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