Display Action Buttons at your Joomla website

This is an Amazing Joomla System Plugin that displays a floating social action button at your Joomla site. A floating icon will be displayed at web page, on mouse hover or on mouse click, the social icons will be expanded that can redirect your visitors at your social media sites. Those social media links can be set at the plugin back end. The most amazing thing is you can customize the positions of the button appearance and at your page. (At Live preview page Please see at the bottom right corner).

J3x Supported (Including latest Joomla)


✔ Floating Buttons

The buttons can be displayed in floating

####✔ Custom Buttons

You can add Custom Buttons with font-awesome icons and set custom links as well.

####✔ Custom Links

You can set custom links at custom buttons

####✔ Button Display Positions

You can customize the positions of the button.

####✔ Fully Responsive

This extension is very light and fully responsive enough to be compatible with any device.

####✔ Light Weight

The extension is very light weight and used clean coding by skilled developer

Change log

Version Date    Change
1.0 10/06/2019  * Initial release

✪ Live Preview


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