**Joomla Questions and Answesr Extension **is a good solution to show the most frequently asked questions in advance to the users.

Very easy to use

Install, enter questions and answers, assign to a menu item! That is it!

List view with nice table

Shoq questions and answers in a list view with a nice looking table

Questions order on page

Visitors can order the questions without page loading

Quesion search on page

Visitors can search by entering keyword, filter works letter by letter. Even you have a long list, this feature make search very easy

Mobile Devices Tested

Whatsapp Premium is 100% Mobile Friendly and tested on several devices


All our extensions are Joomla 4 Compatile but for Components we will release compatible versions when Joomla 4 Stable is released. ( End of 2019 ) Other type of extensions Joomla 4 versions are ready to test at alpha version.
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