Joomla InstantPage Prefetch Preload Prerender Extension to Pre-fetch Content Before You Visit The Page

Invest less than 1 minute to make your website’s pages instant ready and boost your conversion easily.

Why You Use Joomla Instant Page?

Reduce Waiting Time

No customer wants to wait for a page load. Make your website extra fast and scalable with Joomla Instant Page.

Increase Conversion Rate

Latency on the web always hard to overcome. Removing 100 milliseconds of latency improves your sales by 1%, and Joomla Instant Page helps you to get that.

Joomla Instant Page Integrates Easily

Setting up Joomla Instant Page takes less than 1 minute. No tech skills required.

Instant Preloading

Joomla Instant Page preload a page right before a user clicks on it or hover their mouse over that link.

Faster Action

Joomla Instant Page render your page so fast and makes your page feel instant in less than 100ms.

Preload HTML Only

Joomla Instant Page only preloads the HTML file. Therefore, CSS and image file is out of its concern.

Don't want to wait for more?

  • Increase website conversion
  • Works with all popular browsers
  • Reduce page loading time
  • Easy to install

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Support All Popular Browser?

Joomla Instant Page supports almost every browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Is There Any Incompatible Browser?

Joomla Instant Page is incompatible with Safari, Uc browser, and Edge. Hopefully, it will be compatible with the upcoming version.

What about Security?

Joomla Instant Page is so much secure therefore, there’s no server to hack into it. Also, it is well aware of old browser execution.

Is It Easy to Install?

Joomla Instant Page is easily installable. You can download it from our extension directory.

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