Ever wondered how users navigate on your site? What links they click? Do you want to have a method for performing A/B testing on links / buttons? Or do you want a way to quickly collect invaluable visitor input with a question on your website or in your newsletter? Did you notice that the Google tools are blocked more and more by browsers and visitors who value their privacy, leaving you with at best an estimate of what visitors are clicking on your site?
Collecting invaluable visitor feedback was never easier!

Adding ochClick functionality to your Joomla! CMS gives you two simple but very powerful tools:

  • Monitor clicks on ANY element on your website: all buttons, buttons with a specific css ID or classname, Google Ads, links, images, etc.
  • Collect feedback on a question where you can have unlimited (configured) answers

These tools will give you invaluable input on what works and what not. A/B testing was never easier! it will also give you the possibility to collect feedback by users clicking on configured answers like: What is the best newsletter frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or did you like this newsletter: yes, no.

The possibilities are countless!

Everything you need to do is create a campaign in the back-end. You can create as many campaigns as you like. All clicks will be stored in a table and are displayed in a simple dashboard like overview. All responses can be exported (by campaign) in a CSV file. That way you can import the responses in e.g. Excel or in any other reporting tool, to provide you with nice graphs!

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