The LoginSecure Slope Element extension makes a webpage instantly look better with a slope or otherwise known as a diagonal area. Apply a color, image or video background to make it, even more, stand out. And use your favorite Joomla editor to fill in the content.

Extension features are:

Visually interesting content

It's always a delight to see some non-straight elements in web design. Angled shapes and diagonal lines can create an interesting visual flow and add some unexpected excitement.

Simple configuration

When you are a little bit familiar with Joomla modules then working with this extension is going to be easy. Every option can be set from within the module with a few clicks and content can be filled in with your favorite Joomla editor.

Apply a visually stunning background

Use your videos or images as the background of the sloping element. Add a colored overlay on top of it with transparency to blend it in with the styling of your website. Or go oldskool and grab any color you wish to use for the background.

Force Boxed Content included for the Gantry 5 Framework

We added a little bonus option for users of the Gantry 5 Framework. This option allows you to show the content area of the module to be boxed while the background is flushed. This allows thus for full-width slopes but centered text. In other words, flushed with boxed content.

Multiple modules on one page

This extension is made in such a way that you can add multiple slopes elements within the same page and each of them with there own styling attached to it.
When adding multiple extensions right below each other you can create a nice ribbon effect.

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