The LoginSecure Content extension allows you to add content everywhere on your website without any limitations to the styling. Are you frustrated with the default Joomla content module (mod_custom) and in search of a replacement? Then this is the extension for you! Now you can add eyecatchers like images or icons, headings, descriptions, click to call actions and up to ten individual mini content blocks.

Extension features are:


Make the content module immediately catch your visitor's eye by adding a beautiful eyecatcher. Choose between multiple icon families or upload/select your own images.
You can select where you want the eyecatcher to be visible and you can adjust all styling aspects of the eyecatcher within the module.

Fully customizable headers and descriptions

Headers and descriptions inherit your template styling as default but every aspect can be adjusted inside the module parameters.
No need to add styling to your stylesheet with this extension!

1200+ Icons to choose from or pick your own custom library

With the Font Awesome & Material Icons libraries, there are plenty of icons to choose from and if that is not enough you can always use your own custom icon library. All configurable from within the extension.

Click To Action

This extension incorporates the best practices for Click To Action elements. It has never been easier to direct your visitors to do a specific action
In the module parameters, you can set the module to display a link or make the entire module become one Click To Action call.

Highlight services or features with Items

Missing from the default mod_custom was the ability to highlight services or features on an efficient way without the need for a lot of CSS code.
This is eliminated when using this extension because you can add up to 10 items to showcase whatever you wish in any style you prefer.
Each item can have there own eyecatcher, heading, description and Click To Action setup.

Multiple modules on one page

What good would a content module be if you could only have one of them per page? Not very good to be honest!
Therefore we made this extension in such a way that you can add multiple of them within the same page and each of them with there own styling attached to it.
Each module is completely standalone!

Joomla Module Functionality

An extension like this is generally expected to be a plugin. But we decided to make it a module instead.
Therefore it can be added anywhere you want with Joomla's {loadposition} syntax.
Or set the position and assign it to specific menu items.

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