The simplest comments package who run for every components.

**The package contains:
**• component for general setting, menu link to a steady site page, answer to comments
• module form to display wherever you want (if you wont use the steady page)
• plugin to be notified on new comment posted
• module for administrator cpanel to display the latest comments submitted
• quickIcon plugin

• form sent via jQuery (reload page not necessary)
• form shown only to specified ACL
• custom introduction text
• custom new comment status (published or unpublished)
• captcha (Joomla's recaptcha plugin)
• captcha only for specified ACL
• custom minimum comment lenght
• module form shown on both list and single item pages or only on item page
• prevent twice comment by the same user
• prevent twice comment by the same user only in the same page (user can still post comments on other pages)
• option to remove links included in the comment
• option to only disable links included in the comment
• select one of 20 preset date format (if you don't find yours, just ask)
• custom preset a steady answer title or
• set a custom answer's title in every answer or
• set a dynamic answer title (will automatically display the answer title if not empty or custom preset title otherwise)
• custom listing limit (a show more button will be shown if there are more comments into the database related to that page)
• comments loaded via jQuery (it is not necessary to reload the page to show more comments)
• option to use gravatar (applicable to comments posted by logged in users only)
• custom user icon size

All customizations can be made in the backend for both component and module.

Revolutionary documentation mode:
you can find the documentation inside the component dashboard! Always at your fingertips, when you need it, where you need it and updated to the version you are working on!

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