Turn any directory in your website into an Owl Carousel module. Set your directory and you're ready to publish. The module includes lots of options and uses no inline css or javascript, (good for SEO). You can add as many modules on any page you want.

- set any directory
- use multiple modules on same page
- filter by file extension
- sort alphabetically ascending or descending
- lazyload images
- set how many items to show
- set start position
- set how many items to slide
- set margin (gap)
- set stage padding
- loop carousel
- rewind carousel
- auto width images
- auto height carousel
- show navigation arrows
- show navigation dots
- start with images centered
- autoplay carousel
- set autoplay pauze (how long 1 image should show)
- set slidespeed (how fast to slide between images)
- enable pause on hover
- enable touch drag
- enable mouse drag
- responsive: define settings per viewport width

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