This component is used to receive sub- and unsubscribtions to a given event. It offers a form view to subscribe to an event available on the same page as the form as any kind of content (joomla article, custom html module or any 3th party extension). The subscriptions are merged together to an attendance list for every event. The attendance lists can be downloaded as PDF and administrated directly in the frontend. With the help of Joomlas ACL the permissions for the components can be set in order to define who is able to create, edit or delete subscriptions.

Form view
Frontend form for creating subscriptions.
This view must be placed together with an event on the same page (e.g. event as module). Subscriptions created with this form view gets assigned to the event category set in the view settings and assigned to the correct event.

Attendance list view
To view and download the subscriptions.
In this view all subscriptions are arranged to attendance tables for the individual events. Each table can be downloaded as PDF and with the appropriate permissions, subscriptions can be deleted with this view.

The logo in the PDF header is defined in the global component settings. All other configurations are made in the respective view settings. To change global language strings such as name, event, subscription, note or the two options for subscriptions: subscribe, unsubscribe, a language override can be made.

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