The easy way to create modal windows for your Joomla site.  This extension is very versatile and highly customisable without any programming.   
Following features are already built-in:

Have different sources for your content
- Textarea for simple message content
- Choose any article as your content
- Choose any module as your content
- Choose an image for your content

Choose when your modal window will appear
- Every page load
- Every browser session
- Once a day 

  • Schedule your modal window based on date and in your timezone
  • Choose whether you want your modal window will load on page load or triggered manually
  • Ability to auto close the modal window after n seconds
  • Ability to tell how your clicks will react to the modal window in and around the window
  • Create a separate button to manually open and reopen the modal window
  • Use an image instead of a button class to open and close the modal window
  • Define an HTML object with a class within the modal content to trigger the closing of the modal window
  • Have a draggable modal window
  • Have a resizable modal window
  • Access the background elements with modal window open
  • Plenty of modal customisation options

  • make the whole modal transparent, perfect for PNG files

  • show/hide header and footer
  • change position of modal window
  • plenty of opening and closing transitions

The extension is fully functional and ready for use in your site.  

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