Magic image resize is a content plugin for automatic scaling content images to a web friendly size. Magic image resize does not work destructive. It stores the resized images into .thumb folders inside your image directories. Only the source is replaced. You can still use responsive classes like img-fluid or img-responsive.


img class="xt-lazy-img" src="https://extensions.joomla.org/images/myLargeImg.jpg" class="img-fluid" data-resize="crop" width="250" height="128"

This will crop a image to exactly 250 x 128 pixels and put it into images/.thumbs/250-128/myLargeImg.jpg

The html Image src attribute will be replaced with the urls to a scaled version in a .thumbs - folder.

Images can be scaled, cropped or filled

  • data-resize="scale": Default value. Scale the Image and keep aspect.
  • data-resize="crop": Crop the and center the image to the exact size. Ignore aspect.
  • data-resize="fit": Fit image to size and fill the rest with background color.

If no special width or height attributes are provided Magic image resize uses the plugin settings.
The plugin will be activated automatically during installation.

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