Display k2 items from one or multiple categories on a vertical timeline.
Data source

Items limit
Source - K2 Categories, K2 Items, All K2 Items, K2 Tags
Category filter - All, Select
K2 Categories
Fetch items from children categories - No, Yes
Add Items - Select
K2 Tags
Exclude Items
Featured Items - Hide, Show, Only featured
Time range (if ordering is set to 'most popular' or 'most commented') - All time, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months
Fetch only items with videos - No, Yes
Items ordering - Default, Oldest first (by date created), Most recent first (by date created), Most recent first (by date published), Title alphabetical, Title reverse-alphabetical, Ordering, Ordering reverse, Most popular, Highest rated, Most commented, Random ordering

Basic settings

Show title
Title word limit
Show introtext
Introtext word limit
Show read more
Show date
Show category
Show author
Show Share Buttons

Style settings

Round border - Yes / No
Custom text color
Custom background color

For default style optional reveal on scroll down with two styles - Light or Dark

Reveal - Yes / No
Reveal image effect - Light / Dark
Reveal Text effect - Light / Dark

The free version has available only one style. 10 more styles are included on the pro module.

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