WT JoomShopping Favorites is an alternative wish list (favorite products) for JoomShopping.
The functionality of favorite products is implemented using cookies. As standard, the JoomShopping wish list button is displayed only in the single product view. There is no in the products list. When using various hacks to add a wish list button to the product category view, the button redirects to the product card, if the product has dependent attributes (which affect the price).


With WT JoomShopping Favorites You can:
- add favorite button to single product view 19 positions
- add favorite button to product category view 11 positions
- create a menu item for customer favorite products
- output a module with an icon and the number of products added to favorites
- supports 6 JoomShopping templates
- add your custom is easy with copying 1 file to your template folder, most likely even without editing it

Package contents

  • Wt JoomShopping Favorite plugin - basic settings are made in it.
  • Wt JoomShopping Favorite module-displays an icon and a link to your favorite products and their quantity
  • File: controller and view for JoomShopping, allows you to display your favorite products, as well as create a menu item for them.
  • File: set of files for JoomShopping templates
default default_div defaultg responsive responsive_brooksite responsivebrooksitev2

All these templates essentially use the same file. The WT JoomShopping Favorites extension is designed in such a way that the product category layout from the JoomShopping template is used to display the list of favorite products. So if you have a JoomShopping template that is not in the list above, you can just copy the wtjshoppingfavorites folder, such as components/com_jshopping/templates/default/wtjshoppingfavorites to Your template and everything should work.


Install this package via Joomla installer, not JoomShopping!

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