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This plugin allows to automaticly deploy changes from a git repo and is based on

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This plugin allows to listen on github hooks and than deploy changes from a git repo.


Initial setup the plugin

Git Path: Please copy here the result of which git when you run that from your server. Git Repo: Please set the repo name here octocat/hello-world Branch: Please set the branch name you want to pull from Remote: Please set the name of the remote you configured Use Hook-Secret & Hook-Secret: Please enable this option and set the secret configured in the webhook Run cd & cd Path: You can enable this option when the git folder is not the root folder of joomla Run git reset: You can enable this option to run an git reset before pulling the changes Notifications: You can enable notifications Notifications Provider: Please select an notification provider where we should the notification to. When you have selected we show you the fields we need to use that provider please set the correct data here.

Now the inital setup is completed.

Additional remarks

Suggested .htaccess rule

When you git repo is directly accessible to the web i would suggest to deny the access to the .git folder via an .htaccess file

RedirectMatch 404 /\.git

Customise the Notification Message

You can customise the notification message using language overrides of the following two language strings
PLG_SYSTEM_GITDEPLOY_MESSAGE_BODY="The Github user @{pusherName} has pushed to {repoUrl} that changes have now been pulled into: {currentSite}.Here's a brief list of what has been changed:{commitsHtml}What follows is the output of the script:{gitOutput}Kind Regards, Github Webhook Endpoint"
PLG_SYSTEM_GITDEPLOY_MESSAGE_BODY_COMMITS_LINE="{commitMessage} (Added: {commitAdded} Modified: {commitModified} Removed: {commitRemoved} Commit: {commitUrl})"

Please make sure that you only use the html a, p, ul, li, strong, small, br & pre tags as well as make sure the title attribute for links is the same as the infomation showed.

The following parameters are supported right now for the PLG_SYSTEM_GITDEPLOY_MESSAGE_BODY language string:

The following parameters are supported right now for the PLG_SYSTEM_GITDEPLOY_MESSAGE_BODY_COMMITS_LINE language string:

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