Generate leads when you are distributing coupon codes at your Joomla website

Super easy install and setup
You can easily setup in minutes and publish at any website.
Fully customizable!
Fully customizable via self-defined parameters!
Every parameter is explained, just customize in minutes
GDPR Compliant
You can ask visitor if they accept to request newsletter.
Send Coupon to Email Address
Send your coupon code to submitted email address.
Name + Email Address or Disable Name
It is possible to request email address with name or disable name input field and request only email address.
View Emails with filters
You can view submissions at each module backend separately.
Export Emails
You can export emails with submitted date, url, ip address
3 Different themes
Show coupon code module at any part of your website.
Unlimited Colors
Make it yourself with unlimited color options for backgrounds, text
Send HTML Emails for Coupon Codes
Send HTML Emails for coupon codes. You can create your own HTML email templates and use for the coupon codes

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