Natively, Joomla 3.x does not have a progress bar that shows to the users the level of complexity of the password they are entering when registering or editing their profile. This plugin does exactly that! Once installed and configured, users will see a progress bar that "grows" and changes color in real time depending on the level of complexity of the password they are entering. The level of complexity is calculated using an algorithm that can be calibrated to adjust its sensitivity. You can also adjust the colors that the bar will have to assume when it reaches the 3 complexity steps (low - medium - high). For each step you can set the percentage of complexity that must be reached by the password for the bar to change from one color to another. The plugin also integrates the "Banned Words" function that compares (always in real time) the password entered with a list of passwords too commonly used. In this case the bar is instantly reset to zero.

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