This module allows you to integrate Jitsi Meet videoconferencing into your Joomla site quickly and easily. You can customize every aspect of the videoconference, including security settings. Thanks to the countless configuration options available in the module, every single function of the conference can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

With this module you can use the free public server of Jitsi Meet or you can integrate your own private instance, to have even more control.

Main features:
- Easy installation and configuration.
- Can be used with the public meet.jit.si server or with a private server.
- Customization of window size, border and other graphic details.
- Fully configurable vidoconferencing controls, menu items and functionality.
- Option to configure security settings.
- Option to set a standard password for access to the videoconference.
- Integration with Joomla profile users data.
- No new tables created by the plugin in your DB.

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