Improve your page-load speed

Page load time is very important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Every visitor expects your website to be loaded fast. If it takes more than 3 seconds, 50% of the visitors will go away. And that’s something you have to avoid. One of the things with the biggest impact on the load time is images.

W7 WebP Joomla plugin is a great solution for speeding up your website. It converts your PNG and JPEG images to WebP format for a faster load time automatically with support for old or unsupporting browsers (e.g. Safari).

WebP Conversion
Plugin converts your JPEGs and PNGs to WebP format automatically.

Retina Images Support
You can add high-density image versions and plugin will find them and use them.

Choose The Quality
You can choose the quality of your WebPs. The lower, the faster it loads. The higher, the better it looks.

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