Convert your website into Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver an app-like user experience to your mobile visitors with basePWA.


Installed, your Joomla website run in a standalone windows instead of a browser tab. basePWA prompts your users with "Add to Home Screen" banner when they visit your website.

Launch from Home Screen

basePWA makes your Joomla website launchable from the user's home screen, taskbar or dock. Make your website feels like part of the device it is installed on.


Have a fast and dependable website as a PWA regardless of the network speed.

Configure Application Name and Icon

Set application name, upload and configure application icon that will show on the user's home screen from within Joomla's administartion control panel.

Set Application Display Type

Decide what browser UI you want for your application. basePWA can show your PWA in a Standalone or Fullscreen display mode.

Splash Screen

Configure the way your application loads from the user's home screen. Change the splash screen background color and add animated GIF.

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