Displays Virtuemart shop products anywhere you like easily in an professional way that would make customers interested and increase sales. The module has add to card with popup product options.

Virtuemart settings

Display (Featured Products, Discontinued Products, Latest Products, Random Products, Best Sales, Recently Viewed )
Number of displayed products
Products per row
Show Product Price? ( Yes / No )
Show Add-To-Cart Link? ( Yes / No )
Show Product Detail ( Yes / No )
Use category filter ( Yes / No )
Category Name
Use manufacturer filter ( Yes / No )
Manufacturer name
Cache ( Yes / No )
Header Text
Bottom Text

Wall Settings

Category area width100%,80%,75%,70%,60%,50%,40%,30%,25%,20%
Product area width100%,80%,75%,70%,60%,50%,40%,30%,25%,20%
Show Link Category ( Yes / No )
Category Name
Category link
Background Category image
Align Category - Left or right
Fix column width if issues ( Yes/No )

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