Counter Up is a lightweight Joomla module that counts up to a targeted number when the number becomes visible. It can display multiple animated counters on your Joomla site.

Counter Up is an easy to use responsive Joomla module which can be used in the website to showcase the number of clients, satisfied customers, or anything related in a count down. Counter Up animates a number from zero (counting up towards it).

What Can You Count Up?

Floats: 1.234
Integers: 1234
With commas: 1,234.56
With non-numeric characters: $1,234.56
Multiple countable values: 604,800 seconds in 10,080 minutes in 168 hours in 7 days
Inside HTML markup

Exclusive Features

Fully Responsive.
Lightweight & Minimal setup
Joomla 3.9 & Joomla 4 Ready.
The counting is performed when the user visualize it
Auto-detect for integers floats or formatted numbers
You can set the desired decimals into your counter.
You Set a delay in milliseconds to start the counter
The counter duration represented by a number (seconds).
You can use a separator (default is comma).
You can use a text as a counter prefix.
You can use a text as a counter suffix.
The module will also use the number of decimal places the original number is using.
Super lightweight and easy to use.
Well Organized allow to Customize Easily.
Enable on specific pages.
Fastest Support By Developer Team.

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