"Send email" is a module of Joomla with which users of your site can send you a text message. The module is extremely easy to install and set up. The modern design of the feedback form will impress even your most demanding users.

How the module works:
After you install the module, select an appropriate image that shows the user that this is a feedback form and sending a message. When clicking on this image, a modal shape will open with the option to send email. When the user fills in the form and presses the "Submit" button on your e-mail address, a message will be received.

After installing the module, you need to specify an email on which to receive the messages. The email must be from the domain on which the site is located. Example:
Site: mysite.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Module options:
- Modal image options: Size, Position, Alt attribute.
- Email form parameters: Recipient's email, Frontent Text, Margin left, Margin top.
- Email form BG image options: Size, Position.
- More: Enable jQuery, Enable awesome icons, Additional css code

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