Progressive Web App for Joomla website in minutes. Don't miss any customers.

Progressive web app is one of the easiest ways for your site visitors to contact you.

Studies have shown that those who have a live support line on their website make more sales. Add it to your site and increase your business.

No coding required.

No coding knowledge is required to use Joomla PWA. All you have to do is follow the steps that came with the package. You will complete the setup in minutes.

Super easy setup

Each step of the installation is explained in detail.
You can install and setup in just a few minutes by following the steps

Setup by developer.

Stil need setup help?
Do not hesitate to contact us. We do it for you!


Show custom add to homescreen promp message at IOS devices
Design the prompt as you wish

Android Custom Prompt - UNIQUE FEATURE

Show custom add to homescreen promp message at Android devices
Design the prompt as you wish

Push Notifications Enabled

Add your push notification id easily
We also give a free service for push notification enabling to All in One Package

Pass the Google Chrome Lighthouse test successfully.

Your website and application will pass the Chrome Dev Lighthouse test with success.

Application Icons Automated Creation

Send us just 1 icon for your application.
PWAOnline will create the required icons automatically.

Custom start page

Custom start page setup with any parameter
Setup your start page and let visitor to view the selected page at app start

Meta tags automation

All required meta tags generated automatically.

Apple Touch Icons

You can enable Apple Touch Icons


You can add as much as shortcuts you want!
Create direct links for the sections.
This links shows with icons when user click on to the application icon.

Pre Loaders

Select the best pre-loader that fits to your project
Pre Loaders helps visitors to get an idea about the page loading time

Custom CSS and Custom JS - UNIQUE FEATURE

You can add custom JS and CSS code easily at plugin parameters

14 Language files added - UNIQUE FEATURE

en-GB : Extension is available in English. Languages files will be installed automatically.
cs-CZ : Rozšíření je k dispozici v češtině. Soubory jazyků se nainstalují automaticky.
da-DK : Extension er tilgængelig på dansk. Sprogfiler installeres automatisk.
de-DE : Die Erweiterung ist in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Sprachdateien werden automatisch installiert.
el-GR : Η επέκταση διατίθεται στα ελληνικά. Τα αρχεία γλωσσών θα εγκατασταθούν αυτόματα.
es-ES : La extensión está disponible en español. Los archivos de idiomas se instalarán automáticamente.
fr-FR : L'extension est disponible en français. Les fichiers de langues seront installés automatiquement.
it-IT : L'estensione è disponibile in italiano. I file delle lingue verranno installati automaticamente.
nl-NL : Extensie is beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Taalbestanden worden automatisch geïnstalleerd.
pl-PL : Rozszerzenie dostępne w języku polskim. Pliki językowe zostaną zainstalowane automatycznie.
pt-PT : A extensão está disponível em português. Os arquivos de idiomas serão instalados automaticamente.
ru-RU : Расширение доступно на русском языке. Файлы языков будут установлены автоматически.
sv-SE :Extension finns på svenska. Språkfiler installeras automatiskt.
tr-TR : Uzantı Türkçe olarak mevcuttur. Diller dosyaları otomatik olarak yüklenecektir.

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