Track your core Joomla!® metrics & keep your finger on the pulse of your site.

Joomla!® is an extremely powerful CMS. Whether it's just you creating content or a whole team, it's critical to see the big picture. JStats provides that higher level look at your site so you can understand what is getting your users' attention and what is falling flat.

JStats Core comes packed with tools to track Joomla's core content, users and banners extensions. It's also extensible through plugins to work with 3rd party extensions as well, allowing you to pull data from every area of your site to fully understand the full customer experience.

* Integrates with Joomla content, users and banners extensions
* Can display content in text, bar, line and other chart formats
* Filter stats by any date range to drill in or zoom out on what matters
* Easily drag-and-drop stats on your dashboard to create your perfect zen

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