Sparky Page Builder allows you to visually create a layout for your Joomla articles (or custom modules, K2 articles, product pages...) and add or edit the page content without coding skills, using blocks. Our page builder very intuitive for use, user-friendly, powered by drag and drop technology, and it allows you to visually edit your articles like no other page builder. Our page builder is lightfast as it's developed in vanilla Javascript (without any dependencies). It's fully integrated into Joomla as an editor.

Page Layout

With our modern page builder, you can create complex layouts for your Joomla pages with just a few clicks. Rows, columns, and blocks are the building elements of your Joomla pages.

Rows are containers for columns. They are sections of your web page. Each row can have a fixed, full, or fluid width and can contain from 1 to 12 columns. Rows can have background color or image.

Columns are located inside the rows, divide them vertically, and they are containers for your blocks. Columns can have different widths and vertical alignment. Columns also can have background color or image.

Blocks are the cells of your content. Each block contains a different element for your page. A block can be a paragraph of text. A block can be a heading. A block can be a button or an image. But, there are also advanced blocks, such as Joomla module or custom HTML code.


With Sparky Page Builder, you will easily create mobile-friendly websites. Complex layouts will automatically adapt to the small mobile screens.

How it works?

When you edit a Joomla article created with the Sparky Page Builder, under the hood, Sparky converts it into a JavaScript object. All your edits are later saved in this object allowing you to see the results instantly. The CSS and JavaScript code from our page builder is 100% custom! Therefore, there won't be any conflicts or incompatibility issues if you decide to use Bootstrap (any version) or TailwindCSS with Sparky.

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