miTT PWA ONE PUSH integrates a Progressive Web App with Push Messages into Joomla. This plugin has all features as miTT PWA. Full Control over the Service Worker Cache gives you the possibility to handle your Cache Strategy. The only difference between miTT PWA and miTT PWA Push is the support of Push Notifications based on Google Firebase.

Joomla PWA Features:
➔ full control over the cache behaviour
➔ static cache
➔ automatic cache
➔ Network First
➔ Cache First
➔ Cache Strategy depends on the effictive Internet Connection
➔ CDN Support for external files
➔ fast page loading
➔ Setting Cache Exceptions
➔ Setting up a personal offline page
➔ config your own Theme and Background color of the app
➔ set own icon (maskable icon support)
➔ App Shortcuts
➔ create own custom Installation Button for the PWA
➔ Time interval for updating
➔ simple Install Notice at iOS (iOS 13, new iOS 14)
➔ set up iOS Status Bar
➔ Periodic Background Sync for HTML (articles) and images

Push Notification:
➔ Push messages with One Signal
➔ send Push Messages from One Signal
➔ Push Messages supported in Chrome, Firefox, Edge - Android, Windows, Linux, OSX (One Signal support)

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