xbBooks is a component for cataloguing books

with details including author and synopsis together with reviews of them.

The primary intended user is someone wanting to keep a record of books they have read with a reminder of the plot and what their reaction was.
A book can have multiple reviews by the same or different users, allowing family and friends or a reading group to share their comments.
A review can consist of a simple star rating, or be as long as you like.
A book entry includes at least a title, but has many other optional fields including summary, synopsis and publication details.

Details of people (eg authors, editors, translators, and people who appear in the book) and characters are shared with xbFilms and other potential xbCulture components (gigs, shows, events etc)

Full use can be made of the built-in Joomla category and tagging facilities to cross-reference genres or any other attributes.

xbBooks is installed as a package containing two components - comxbbooks and a supporting component, comxbpeople, for administration of people and characters which are common to all xbCulture components.

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