ES Audio Player allows you to create a simple but sleek audio player with playlist in your Joomla website.
The whole process is automated, but also customizable: You just have to create a folder and upload your tracks there, same for the track images, and load them both in your audio player.

The powerful options allows you to select an entire music folder and the module will create the playlist for you, automatically, with information like title, artist name, album name, the year when the track was released and the duration of the track. Basically in just 3-4 clicks it is ready to use.

Once you are done with setting up your playlist, you can customize the visuals: what info would you like to be displayed, colors, player and font sizes.

It works with .mp3 and .ogg file formats, so it can run even on old browsers.

Fully responsive and mobile friendly - it works with all major browsers (IE9+, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome) and mobile devices (iPhone/iPad and Android devices).

Some of the features:
- Automated folder reading - From the "Music folder", select your folder from the dropdown list. Then, select your photo folder (the folder where you uploaded the thumbnails for each song) from the dropdown list under "Images folder". Press "Select" button, and your playlist will autopopulate with the informations for each song
- Autoplay - if you want the player to start automatically at page load
- Display minified - this option allows you do have a minified version of the player on your website.
- Custom fields for each track information - if you want to change the track's info, eg. "artist name", you can do that by writing your own in the custom field. You can also set a followup link and price for each track. (comes in handy if you have a music shop)

ES Audio Player is a powerful module that allows you to display an entire music folder as a highly customizable playlist, with a very easy and straight forward setup!
So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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