Look at your site through the eyes of your users. Discover usability problems, create better experiences and stop losing customers with UXtweak.

UXtweak is a user experience research platform providing powerful tools for usability testing of websites, web apps and prototypes, information architecture research, and user behavior analytics. This plugin provides a simple integration of UXtweak on to your WordPress site, providing you with quick access to UXtweak features.

UXtweak features:

Conduct unmoderated task-based usability studies with the Website Testing feature. Create tasks and get instant feedback, recruit your ideal customers and when it’s done - analyze user behavior. All studies can include pre-post study, and after tasks questionnaires to collect additional feedback and screen respondents.

Card Sorting and Tree Testing tools will help you improve your informational architecture, all to make your website intuitive and easy to use. Results will show how users group your content and whether the existing labels and category hierarchy match their expectations.

UXtweak can capture every interaction a user has with your web with it’s Session Recording feature. Visualize customer frustration to better understand their issues. Analyze Heatmaps, do Activity Tracking and then dive into user research with advanced analytics!

With unique functionalities such as Recruitment widget to turn a real site visitor into a website tester, Built-in reward feature to motivate respondents, Think-aloud protocol to collect audio feedback using respondents microphones, or Crowd Feedback allowing users to submit and vote for ideas of others to improve the website even more.

UXtweak is available in following languages:

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