This plugin logs outbound mail from Joomla! for troubleshooting and email send verification. Scenarios where this plugin is useful include:

  • a site visitor tells you that they did not receive a password reset request or username reminder.
  • you clicked the Send Test Mail button in Global Configuration but you did not receive the test email.
  • A new site member registered but says they never received their activation email

For each of these cases and more you can now search the log generated by this plugin to determine what really occurred. You do not need to enable Joomla! debug settings or configure any other plugins. Set different levels of mail logging for more information or less. Permit other loggers to also store mail info, or just let this plugin do it. By default, hides usernames and passwords from the log, but this masking can be disabled for troubleshooting ease.

Works with the O3 Log Viewer extension, making troubleshooting your site email even easier.

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