Expand the capabilities of your site with the ConcordPay payment system!
After installing the ConcordPay payment module, your customers will be able to pay using:
- Visa and Mastercard;
- electronic wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Your customer only needs a few steps to pay for a product or service:

  • Select the desired product on the site.
  • Press the "Buy" or "Pay" button to go to the payment page protected by the bank.
  • Choose a convenient payment method for making a payment.

Thanks to the plugin for Joomla JoomShopping, you can double the conversion on your site!

Reasons to choose ConcordPay

Business opportunities with the ConcordPay service:

  • Regular payments. Connect convenient subscription payments and receive money from customers in a timely manner.

  • Separation of payments. Simplify settlements with suppliers and partners: set up automatic distribution of payment amounts between counterparties.

  • Payments from all over the world. Accept payments from Visa and Mastercard holders from different countries. The money will be quickly credited to the account and automatically converted into hryvnia.

  • Invoicing. Send the link to the buyer by e-mail, SMS or instant messengers and instantly receive information about the payment.

  • Personal Area. Control payments, generate statements and reports, analyze sales. Manage multiple projects at the same time in one place with flexible accounting and customization options.

  • One-click payment. Simplify your customers' future purchases. The ConcordPay system will remember the necessary customer data after the first payment and substitute them in the next one.

Supported Payment Methods

Bank cards

  • Visa, Mastercard.

Alternative payment methods

  • Google Pay, Apple Pay.

Mobile payments

ConcordPay is fully optimized for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs. Your customers will be comfortable making purchases from any device.


See the current rates on the ConcordPay website

Plugin installation instructions

1. Installing the module

Before installing the module, you must have the following versions of CMS Joomla and JoomShopping component installed:

Joomla 3.x.x + JoomShopping 4.x.x

  1. Go to the administrative panel of your site {YOUR_SITE}/administator.

  2. Go to the section "Extensions -> Installation".

  3. On the tab "Upload package file" click the Select file button, select the archive with the ConcordPay payment module and click the Download button.

  4. In the section "Extensions -> Plugins" find the plugin "JoomShopping - ConcordPay" and enable it.

  5. Go to the section "Components -> JoomShopping -> Options -> Payment",
    click on ConcordPay and, on the module settings page that opens, tick the "Publish" menu item in order to
    so that this payment method becomes available for selection when placing an order.

  6. Switch to the "Configuration" tab. On this tab, you must fill in the following fields:

  7. If, when the buyer refuses to pay, you need to cancel the order, then select the status "Canceled";
  8. If you want to give the opportunity to re-proceed to payment after refusal, select the status "Pending";
  9. Save the changes to the module settings.

The module is ready for use.

2. Conclusion of an agreement with the bank

  • Register on the service portal (https://concordpay.concord.ua).
  • Sign the Internet acquiring agreement.

Save the settings.

Done, now you can accept payments from customers!

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